An introduction to me, my philosophy, and how I work for you as a Buyer's Representative

An introduction to me and my philosophy

Hi, my name is Ruth Lorenzen. I am licensed in the state of Florida as a Real Estate Sales Associate.

I love helping people who appreciate good service. My work ethic includes being as honest as I can be at all times, being diligent in my property search for a home seeker; being attentive to my customerís needs ó whether expressed verbally or non-verbally, being thorough and detail-oriented to ensure all transactional paperwork is handled in the most professional way possible; and making it go right despite all the barriers that sometimes get thrown in our paths. I love seeing the joy on a clientís face when I find just the right home for them, and their happiness when they move in. I really like helping people with their real estate needs and like just about everything to do with homes.

What I can do for YOU

When I work for you as your Buyer's Representative...

How I work

First, it depends on whether you're ready to buy soon, or you are just starting your research about properties in my area and plan on buying in the future.

For those of you that are just starting your research, I can provide you with information on the area, properties, market trends, current properties for sale, etc. By the time you're ready to purchase, you should be well-briefed on this area. Consider me your "personal real estate consultant."

When you are ready to purchase, we will get together (whether by phone or in person) and get to know specifics about what your needs and wants are. I can provide some preliminary information through the Internet on properties that will probably suit those needs. You can preview these properties online and give me some feedback about which properties or home features you are preferring (or disliking).

Once you are interested in viewing some properties or a particular property, the next step is for us to go view some properties.

Now the fun really begins! It's fun shopping for homes.

At each property, I will ask you for some feedback about what you like (or dislike) about the property, which features are important to you in a home, and any other feedback you wish to give me. The feedback you give me will be vital to helping me locate the best property for you. I will also observe and listen to your comments and reactions about each property; I'm pretty good at quickly finding out what you REALLY want in a property. Sometimes, the right property is not found on the first trip out, and we may have to go out another time or two. It is important that you are as honest as possible with me about your needs and wants. The more open you are, the faster I can find exactly what you are looking for.

The above process does not have to take a lot of time. I have helped people get a contract on a home within two days of starting the process, but I can work within whatever time frame is comfortable for you.

At any time that you like a particular home and are interested in more information about it or are considering making an offer on one, we can go back to the office and get that information or write up an offer. I have never failed to find a property my client would fall in love with, and I will be honored if you choose to take your journey of house hunting with me.

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Ruth Lorenzen
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