Paying Rent compared with Home Ownership

by Ruth Lorenzen

Some people who rent think that buying a home is out of their reach. Thatís not necessarily true. Many renters will discover that sometimes their payment for a home of their own is less than their rent payment to their landlord. Not only that, but you can modify your home (paint, carpet, lighting, kitchen upgrades, etc.) that you cannot do with your landlordís property. These are just some of the reason why you might consider owning your own home, rather than renting.

I have sold homes to renters who found out that their total payments were less than their current rental, AND they were able to get a larger space than their current rental apartment (2-bedroom condo rather than 1-bedroom). I can help you do this, too. And with some of the new First Time Homebuyer programs, you might not need much cash for a down payment.

If you havenít spoken to a mortgage broker recently to see if you might qualify to purchase, I have a few I recommend at this webpage.

Iíve successfully found homes for people who had good, medium, bad and very bad credit (including a foreclosure AND a bankruptcy). So itís worth a look if you previously thought you might not qualify for a mortgage.

Other advantages of buying over renting include:

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--Ruth Lorenzen

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