Why you should work with a Buyer’s Representative when you go shopping for your new home

by Ruth Lorenzen

Did you know...

...that the moment you walk into a seller’s model home sales office without a buyer’s representative you are usually giving up your rights to have a real estate professional represent you if you choose to later purchase in that community! Advice: Don’t go shopping for homes without YOUR Realtor.

Did you know...

...that some people incorrectly think they’ll get a better deal if they go directly to the seller’s agent? Fact: The seller’s agent works for the seller. YOU need to be represented, too.

Did you know...

...that you usually do not pay any fee or commission for a buyer’s representative’s work? Fact: The seller pays his agent, who then pays part of his or her commission to the buyer’s representative who “brings a buyer.” YOUR representation is FREE.

Did you know...

...that I can present you with information that more closely fits your needs than you can find on mls.com or realtor.com or similar websites? Fact: As a Realtor, I have access to more tools in the MLS that allow me to more precisely pinpoint the properties you are seeking. I can even set up a personalized website for you showing you just the properties that suit your needs and not thousands of other properties. Why waste your time? I can do this FREE for you. Phone me for details or click here to fill out a form telling me exactly what you need and want.

Did you know...

...that I have experience representing buyers just like you and can help you, too, find your dream home and help you navigate through what is sometimes a complicated process. I will make sure that you’re needs are taken care of, will help you get a good deal, and can present to you any property that is in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

If you go straight to the seller’s agent, the seller’s agent often gets double the commission than what he or she would get if another agent represents you. Do you really think the seller’s agent will have your needs in mind? Think about it!

Let me be YOUR advisor and advocate. Call me.

Testimonial from client: "You have a very good sense for good deals and getting a person focused on what they need and want at a good price." J.M. (Click for more client testimonials)

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--Ruth Lorenzen

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