General Referral Fee Policies

What is a referral fee and why pay one (or why not)?

The purpose of a referral fee is to reward or compensate someone for an exchange of service or other value. Referral fees are often paid when one agent brings a client to another agent, or when two agents work together on the common goal of bringing a client to close on a transaction (they may share a commission in the form of a referral fee). Referral fees are not rebates and are not paid to persons just because they are eligible by law to receive a referral fee — service must be performed or value must be exchanged. Amounts of referral fees are negotiable, but this represents my policy.

Situations where referral fees may be paid

Situations where referral fees may NOT be paid

Sharing my commission

I am a real estate agent licensed in Florida and provide valuable services and information to my clients. I earn my commissions through my hard work, thoroughness, diligence, abilities and experience. I don’t get paid just for “doing work” but get paid only when I provide valuable service to another person and a transaction is finally closed. I willingly share my commissions with others who provide valuable services to me that help me to increase my business. I do not share my well-earned commission “just because”. You wouldn’t pay me some of your paycheck just because I’m your friend, or just because I asked you — would you? You’d require that I provide some benefit to you or I helped you to make that paycheck. My referral policy is based on the natural laws of exchange and what is fair and right.

If you would like to refer a client or need my services, please contact me.

Disclaimer: This policy is not an interpretation of the law, but is my business policy.