Seller information and links

What stage are you at in the selling process?

Thinking about selling?

Getting to know more about your house

Preparing your house for sale

Staging your home:

Getting ready to move

  • Welcome Home Relocation, a moving solutions company. Offers coordinating, floor planning, sorting, packing, unpacking and other services related to getting you moved.
  • PODS, Portable On Demand Storage.
  • Moving company: Innercoastal Hauling Inc. Jim Gardner 727-465-4650. 30 years experience in hauling and moving. Free estimates.
  • Keeping utilities going: Traditionally, seller must provide service through the day of closing for Water/ Sewer/ Trash Removal and Gas/Electric.
  • Insurance: It is advisable to schedule the cancellation of your hazard/homeowners insurance for the day following closing.

Closing Day!

  • Picture identification is required for closing (i.e., Drivers License or Passport).
  • All checks payable to the title company must be Certified Checks. Telephone your title company or place of closing to see what sort of funds they need and the correct spelling of their company name.
  • Get lots of rest the night before and eat before your closing.
  • Buyers: Usually you'll do a "walk-thru" inspection just before the closing.
  • Sellers: Bring the keys and all warranty or instruction papers you want to pass on to the buyers.
  • Arrive on time at the title company or place of closing.

Seller Tips

  • Find A Qualified Realtor
    • Discuss Wants & Needs
    • Discuss Current Market Situation & Realtor Marketing Process
  • Identify Your Wants & Needs
    • Price Range
    • Timeframe for Moving Out
  • Gather Existing Home Information
    • Title & Policy
    • Mortgage Information
    • List Any Recent Improvements (New Roof, Updated Bathrooms)
    • Association Documentation (If Applicable)
  • Price Home
    • Compare Home to Current Available Homes in your Area
  • Stage Your Home for Selling
    • Replace shutters if needed.
    • Repair any broken boards on fence.
    • Remove: old rusted swing set, old basketball goals, rusted lawn furniture, old rusted grill, dead trees or shrubs, Old flowers from the past season, leaves, dead branches, weeds and debris.
    • Garbage cans need to be stored neatly in the garage or designated area.
    • Edge the lawn and use quick greening fertilizer.
    • Add mulch to flower beds and shrubs.
    • Remove children's toys and bikes.
    • Remove leaves, pine needles from lawn and roof.
    • Cut lawns, shrubs and plant fresh growing colorful flowers.
    • Paint, stain or varnish front door and polish brass. Install brass kick plate.
    • Oil squeaky doors.
    • General Cleanup
  • Place Home on the Market
    • List Home in MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
    • Provide Internet Access to Information on Your Home
  • Negotiate an Acceptable Price
  • Inspection Process
    • Home Inspection
    • Termite
    • Final Walk-through
  • Closing on Home
  • Move Out