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A happy Dwayne & Tara signing their closing papers When we decided to research buying a condo in Florida, we ... Ruth gave us the scoop on each and every property ... Closing was a breeze and ... We could not have been more pleased with Ruth's service and would recommend her to anyone interested in Florida real estate." (D.D.) [Click here to read full testimonial]

"We are both very pleased with our home, the area and the personal service that Ruth gave us. I feel fortunate that I found Ruth on the web and that she was such a professional and friendly person. I would recommend her to anyone is contemplating a move to the Tampa Bay area." ... (P.K.) [Click here to read full testimonial]

"I would like to say a few words about my experience in dealing with Ruth Lorenzen as a real estate agent"... (L.W.) [Click here to read full testimonial]

"I was very impressed with" ... "but what I appreciated most was" ... (B.H.) [Click here to read full testimonial]

"I am writing this letter to express my great experience while working with Ruth" ... "She has definitely provided me more help than any other realtors I have worked with." ... (H.T.) [Click here to read full testimonial]

"Just got a chance to write a thank you letter to you. After restoring the terrazo and visiting my mother in law, I reminded myself not to forget to write this letter. I don't know how many times I sent and said thank you during the process of buying our new house, but this one is really a BIG BIG BIG thank you. We love the house! When I looked back... what a journey! And we highly appreciate your hard work in negotiating, arranging, and even organizing all my documents that we needed to make our dream come true. Our case was difficult, working with Tampa bay CDC, changing lenders, appraiser, inspector... almost all had problems. Your skill was tested and you passed... ha ha ha. Ruth, your knowledge, your ability to get this deal was so great. Even when we cancelled our first offer, you were so quick trying to find us another property, make another offer and finally here we are... living in our own house. Thank you so much again, and for sure I will always refer you to persons who are looking for a house." (Y.M.)

"Ruth Lorenzen is commended for quickly and professionally coming to my aid by using her superb computer skills and real estate know-how to help do what we thought could not be done. This involved finding plat maps for certain areas of Hillsborough. We were going to have to go to the Circuit Clerk and spend hundreds of dollars to obtain the information. After much search by another realtor, we were told it absolutely could not be done. However, Ruth, quickly began to unravel the mystery, and also wrote up what she did so we have it in our records. Although she had other clients to tend to, she unselfishly gave of her time and energy. Her willingness to just jump right in and help and actually get a product is greatly appreciated. And her expert command of the computer and real estate is such that she belongs in a class of her own." P.G.

From buyer-clients:

"In addition to 'listening', Ruth has a canny ability to understand her client's wants and needs. She found the 'perfect' location for me, and, within my financial parameters. The final process was filled with an inordinate amount of stress for me. Ruth stolidly stood by me during that process, even stayed with me when there was no one else to help (on the actual 'moving day'). Just her presence alone helped iron out the 'anxiety wrinkles'. She's the consummate professional with a twist. While I'm enjoying my first month at my new residence, when and if I decide to move, Ruth will be my choice. And I most assuredly will recommend her to my friends and associates who are looking for a new home." D.B.

"You have a very good sense for good deals and getting a person focused on what they need and want at a good price." J.M.

"Thanks for the information. Also, thanks for all your help in finding my new home. We are very pleased and you made it pain free! LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!! Thanks again for everything." PK

"Thank you so much. You are awesome! Finding this condo so fast. I appreciate your help and competency a lot." M.N.

"Thanks so much for the information. You certainly are a jack-of-all-trades! Appreciatively," D.C.

"Thank you so much for being so patient and soooooooo professional. It's a joy working with you." L.W.

"Thank you all for your hard work and coordination." H.T.

"Thanks! I love it when my realtor is looking out for me." L.W.

"Thank you for all your help which made the process go so smoothly." H.T.

When K.P. referred me to another potential customer... "We worked through a "FABULOUS" realtor Ruth Lorenzen, who took care of everything." K.P.

From seller-clients:

"I feel really well-taken care of." A.W.

"It's really a pleasure doing business with you. I feel like all my questions get answered and I'm being dealt with well." L.W.

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